Women's Covert Shirt
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This women's covert shirt gives you another option to discreetly be ready to draw your firearm.  It features fake pockets on both sides to gain access to your firearm.  This concealed carry shirt is made of polyester and spandex and made to look like any other blouse you would wear to work or a night out on the town.  If you are feeling unsure about a situation or a person you can put your hand in the pocket and have your hand on your firearm ready to draw without the person ever knowing.  They will think you just have your hand in your pocket not knowing what awaits them should they try anything. If you are using the holster shirt for an extra pocket then you can use this covert shirt to access your wallet, cell phone, keys, etc., discreetly without lifting your shirt up.  No one will ever suspect you are carrying a weapon with this women's covert shirt!

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Women's Covert Shirt

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