Concealed Carry Weapon Class-Utah
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Our courses are presented by Experienced Law Enforcement Officers, NRA and Utah BCI certified instructors. This is a professional level permit course where we make the learning process enjoyable for all. We promote a thought-provoking environment that will prepare you for real world situations as they arise. We cater to new shooters and women.  We treat all of our students with courtesy and integrity.

All State Required Instruction including:

  • Basic firearm mechanics & operation
  • Different types of Concealed Carry firearms
  • CCW General firearm safety
  • Utah Legal instruction including Justifiable Force, Citizen’s Arrest, Reciprocity, Firearm transport, etc
  • Concealed Carry Firearm storage & accessories overview (holsters, safes, etc)
  • Escalation of Force
  • Criminal & Civil Liability
  • Firing stances and positions

The class is 4 hours so please plan accordingly.

The class will include: classroom instruction, a set of finger print cards, photo needed for the BCI application, and the application to be submitted to the Utah BCI. Once a student has successfully completed the class and has the instructor’s stamp of approval, the student will have up to 12 months to submit their packet to the BCI. The student will need to submit their payment of $52.00 (For Utah residents) or $59.00 (for non-residents).

The Bureau of Criminal Identification is responsible for ensuring that all concealed firearm permit applicants receive proper training. The Bureau will issue, certify, and regulate all concealed firearm permit holders and instructors. It is the responsibility of every concealed firearm permit holder to learn safe handgun practices and have a practical knowledge of the laws that govern firearms and the use of force. Permit holders also need to understand their personal abilities and limitations.

BCI will conduct a background check for the applicant and if the applicant passes, it can take up to 60 days to receive the permit.

The instructor reserves the right to deny approval of a student for any reason such as their attitude or lack of aptitude.


If you are willing to host a concealed firearm course and draw 10 or more people to the class, then the course will be free for the person hosting. You will still need to pay for the application fees.

Currently the Utah CCW Permit is the MOST HONORED permit in  the United States, it is valid in 33 states and counting.

You do not need to bring your firearm to this course.  All instructional materials will be provided by the instructor.

Military and First Responders get a discount!  E-mail info@knowwhere2holdem to get the coupon code.

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Concealed Carry Weapon Class-Utah

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